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#WisdomWednesday: Beware of Estate Planning Scams

Some #Wisdom this rainy #Wednesday: Beware of Estate Planning Scams!!! Many of you may have received a postcard in the mail recently with an unbelievable price to have your Living Trust drafted and to do so, attend a seminar in your local area. At this seminar you’re presented with documents and told to sign up for a membership, provide financial details and personal details. Please remember that these seminars are usually conducted by a business that are not law firms and thus do not create the attorney-client privilege as you would with a licensed attorney. Further, these companies are trying to get your info to sell you financial services and financial advice. The “lawyers” that are supposedly drafting the trust for you at such an unbelievable price, by law, are not supposed to partner with non-law firm entities. They are, in turn, aiding these businesses in the unauthorized practice of law.

A licensed attorney will never release your private and confidential information. Please be very wary of such scams as they are often too good to be true.

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