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#TuesdayTip: Keep your legal documents updated.

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week’s #TuesdayTip: Keep your legal documents updated. Life changing events happen everyday so it’s important to make sure your legal documents are constantly updated to reflect those changes. An out dated Estate Plan will do more harm than good. Yes, the fact that you have an Estate Plan is good, but what good is it if the named guardians are no longer around or you no longer get along with them? Same goes for any successor trustees, nominated financial agents and health care agents. Did you recently have a child? Are they properly provided for in your Estate Plan should something happen to you? Did you purchase new real estate or open new bank accounts? Pull out your documents, review them. And see if any changes are necessary.

Contact The Law Office of Ishajeet K. Kakkar for guidance on how to update your legal documents.

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