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Guardianship planning is planning for your minor children's future, in the event that you are unable to or no longer. 

Life happens without giving us any sort of notice. An emergency occurs, you are hospitalized and you cannot care for your minor children. Someone that you know, someone that you trust, needs to be able to step in and care for your minor children while you are unable to. Otherwise, your family would have to turn to the courts for authorization to care for your children. This can be a confusing and costly process. 

Having your guardianship plan in place also helps avoid tensions amongst family members in the event that there are any disagreements as to who should be caring for your minor children. You will have already made that decision of who cares for your children. 

  • Protect your children from ending up in foster care in the event that you are unable to care for them, nominate guardians to step into your shoes. 

  • With the right set of legal documents in place, you can also authorize your guardians to have access to your bank accounts in order to withdraw funds for the care of your children.

  • Avoid unnecessary court intervention or family disputes  and nominate guardians for your children.

  • Nominate someone you trust and knows your children. Failure to nominate a guardian of your choosing could result in an un-wanted guardian, appointed by the court, to care for your children.

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