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Estate Planning

Protect Your Loved Ones

In today's ever-busy  life, the thought of Estate Planning can be onerous. Setting up your Living Trust, Will, Health Care Directive, and Financial Power of Attorney should not be as burdensome as the documents sound. That is why at the Law Office of Ishajeet K. Kakkar, APC, our attorneys try to make the process of Estate Planning as smooth and easy as possible. From the first meeting to the last, we help you understand the process and the meaning behind having an Estate Plan and protecting your life's hard work for the future generations. 

It is very important to make sure you have the correct legal professional draft your Estate Plan to fit your individual needs. Contact the Law Office of Ishajeet K. Kakkar, APC to get in touch with an Estate Planning attorney. 

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Planning for Incapacity

Nominating Guardians


Having Control Over Your Life's Decisions

What is

Estate Planning?

Planning for 

the Future

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Estate Planning is a process...

The process of putting your personal affairs into place.

The process of putting your financial affairs into place.

The process of obtaining peace of mind.

OUR Process:

Step 1:

During the initial contact, a questionnaire is provided to you for review. This questionnaire allows us to assess your Estate Planning needs and answer any questions you may have during your complimentary consultation meeting.

Step 2:

After your consultation appointment, your final questionnaire must be submitted online.  Your Estate Plan is then drafted.

Step 3:

Your Signing Appointment is scheduled at your earliest convenience to execute your Estate Plan. At the end of the appointment, you will leave our office with a complete Estate Planning binder and a sense of relief. 

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